Photos of my 2013 brewery

Photos of my 2007 brewery

Brewing Llew's Wit

Wort Hog Brewers (Home of South Africa's craft brewers)

My 2002 brewery (not updated anymore)

 Llew's 2007 Brewery
Johannesburg, South Africa



Do it badly - to get started
Do it well once it's up and running
Overdo it when it's flying, go in search of excellence
- Mervyn Niland

This is my 2007 brewery. I first brewed in plastic drums; then in recycled beer kegs; then in fancy stainless steel.

The cost? Less than what other people spend on golf clubs.

Some of the lessons I have learnt:
- You can brew better beer than you can buy
- You need quality yeast and a proper starter to make quality beer
- You cannot make good beer from bad ingredients (same as in cooking)
- If you are serious about brewing beer, go full grain

I'm still learning...

In Taberna Quando Sumus, Non Curamus Quid sit Humus - When we are in the tavern, we do not think about the grave

Last updated 19 July 2014